In the Beginning

On Christmas Day 2021, our Wrexham Bean coffee journey began. Chatting about our shared love of coffee, we noticed a gap in Wrexham's fast-growing coffee culture.

After a few festive cocktails, we toyed with the idea of launching Wrexham's first coffee roastery. We both have Italian heritage, so our idea was to draw inspiration from the Italian way of life, where coffee is more than a drink. It's rich. It's flavourful. It's tradition.

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Our history

it's in our dna

In 1945, during World War II, Rich's grandfather Antonio Priamo was captured as a prisoner of war and sent to Ruthin, where he formed lasting friendships while working on a farm. After the war, the family he worked for invited him to stay in Wales, making the Priamo family the only Italians in the rural town. Rich's father, Vincenzo, moved to Clocaenog in Ruthin at the age of 4 and stayed until he joined the Royal Navy at 15. Over 45 years, he instilled Italian traditions in his children. In 2020, Rich's father passed away, leaving a dwindling Italian community. In 2022, to preserve the Italian spirit in North Wales and their love of coffee, we launched the Wrexham Bean Company, the town's only coffee roastery.

Today and Beyond


As we look back and reflect on our journey, we are grateful to every one of you who bought our coffee in Wrexham, North Wales and beyond. Without you, our friends and family, none of this would be possible. Our story is constantly growing, and we've learned that great things can happen when passion meets purpose.

As we look ahead, our goals of community, sustainability and providing coffee that excites the taste buds remain. We're constantly learning how to better ourselves, and thank you for being part of this journey.



Embracing sustainability

In our coffee journey, we've always believed in doing right by the environment. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword we use, it's an ever-evolving promise we've woven into the fabric of our Company. Traceable and responsibly sourced coffee beans and recyclable packaging, every step we take is with an eye towards a greener and more sustainable future. We've made it simple for you to make a positive impact right from the comfort of your home. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, you can effortlessly contribute to a greener world while enjoying our coffee.